realizing that I haven’t been posting for a very long time. I sincerely apologize. Everyday has been completely hectic. My two day vacancy is often eaten up. Although I am often on my laptop, but I couldn’t find the time to update my blog. (as you could see I didn’t post process the photos above :c) This is a quick update though.

  • Finals is up! My midterms grade were fine except for some subjects so I have to give my all this finals. 
  • Left photo: we attended on a photography & editing workshop. It was really worth it! The speaker made us do works and gave additional knowledge in photography. There were also editing perks that the speaker taught us that I didn’t know. We even received a certificate for it!
  • Right photo: Walk for Peace. Our school and other schools joined the Walk for Peace, showing our support in anti-hazing. Aside from walking, it became really fun because we got really wet when we were sprayed using the firetruck’s hose. 

I hope that I will be able to update my other categories in my blog such as book reviews and movie reviews. Believe me, I couldn’t even read a book nor watch a movie (Well except for tasm2 and Ruby Sparks few weeks ago)

I’m really really sorry for not updating. I’ll try my best to keep this blog alive! :)

We had the opening of our Letramurals, and t was a success after seeing good feedbacks from our schoolmates.
with the student council. ☺

We had the opening of our Letramurals, and t was a success after seeing good feedbacks from our schoolmates.

with the student council. ☺

Hoorah! A big break from the blogging society! And I completely apologize for not updating on a regular basis. Even if I admit that I became very indolent in my first year in college, I get busy. Academics, SC, and others. I do get a lot of free time, I just don’t prioritize well. heh. 

College is fun, as of now. Get to hang-out with random people which makes your academic life less boring. I got lazy in post-processing the photos because it consumes me a lot of time, since we’re still in the middle of midterms (3 more exams to go!!!! arggggh!!!) and I haven’t study a bit. 

We get to hang-out time by time, trying to forget how stressful school works are. This is probably a major update. The photos were taken few weeks ago, compiled from different days taken. 

first college party ever attended (cheers for me commuting late at night! ^0^)

Soiree 2014 before midterms: a party to forget about all the stress before the upcoming midterms. It was the best party ever. Even we freshmen rocked the dance floor! We even performed because there was a contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t won but like as our senator said, continue enjoying the party. People were even wild and the experience is very exhilarating.

Obviously, I made this post very quick to give a real update. This weeks full of long quizzes and I am not certain if I will regret cramming. 

i’m supposed to post 2 separated posts within the week. Unfortunately, profs throws us unlimited long quizzes next week and heck, I haven’t studied a “thing” and midterms is next next week and I have no idea what to do anymore

will update soon! ^^ patience lang. :))