because, dude, it’s Lourd de Veyra

My friend and I saw an image appearing in our school’s TV screen about Lourd and history something. We got excited because we saw Lourd’s name on it but we have no idea when will that certain talk will occur.

After our last class, my blockmate mentioned about Lourd saying that he is going to our school on that same day. And I am very thankful that I don’t have any class on that time. Some of my blockmates and I attended to Lourd’s talk.

Not kidding, he is really cool. I even wish he could be our professor in all our subjects lol he taught the history well (saying that he is not a historian daw hahaha) and I learned a lot from him. 

I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to have a photo with him, but heck, just look at that. I even love his epic face! =)) *hearts floating everywhere* And that’s not all, I am not contented with a photo with him so I asked him to sign my binder. "LDV <3’s Kim" I CAN’T EVEN WAAAAAH AND HE WAS USING MY PENTELPEN FOR THE LOVE OF TYRION 

lourd de veyra is <3 

Wasn’t able to blog again because of school, and I am so sorry about it.

Aside from minor school works we have taken, there are also major school works like having competitions that our entire block has to cooperate on. I am one of those people who have to deal with our other blockmates, and it is completely exhausting but hopefully worth it. 

But to be honest, there is nothing special or exciting to talk over few days ago. Normal things, like hanging-out with friends and studying is what I could tell 24/7 if I have to blog about it. 

I swear if there is something new to blog about, I’ll make a post right away. 

Please do not think I neglected the blog already. :)) 

Do you ever thought of how frustrating money is the answer to all things we want?

Either we wants shoes that costs like a thousand bucks, 

attending to concerts that costs like a hundred bucks, 

….but we don’t spend a cent when we receive something that is not material but doesn’t not costs a thing?

We are in a peer that doesn’t require money,

we fall in love that doesn’t asks for paychecks,

and we get happy without taxes. 

Materials may bring happiness, if we have the money.

But the values of nature brings the happiness even more.


3rd week of being a college student.

all I want to say is, what the heck? 

College is hard, and I am in pain. Although I am trying to do my best to have decent, or passing grades </3 Those pictures were taken in different days, so I assume it happened on two mondays. :))) 

To be really honest, there is really nothing special to blog about today. I just did this for updates, might make you guys think that I abandoned this blog without leaving a farewell. At this point, I could be either do book/movie reviews, article opinions, but school work really blocks the way. I am currently typing with my eyes half-opened. 

I will really, REALLY blog properly if schedule and time balances perfectly (which I have no idea when will that happen). 

  • A week as a college student feels great! It’s really surreal now that I am separated with my non-high school friends and I go with new group of friends. But they are great people! Also had an opportunity to mingle with other people, heh.
  • But I had a tough time with subjects. College is not the time to play around. I even have to stress about being organized, neat, and you should know a lot of things because you’ll totally be dead if you don’t answer anything in the recitation.
  • I even learned to be practical. Yes, most of my friends are wise in money, and I am glad that they are my friends. :))) Hooray for saving!
  • I cannot blog daily because school work arrives every now and then. Even if my classes are often half of the day time, I tend to ready and study what we learned.